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    Cookie Policy

    Our Cookie Policy (Last Updated: July 1, 2020)


    To make our web site work properly and to ensure you receive the most relevant products and services, we store cookies on your web browser as does other third parties you choose to visit. Our Cookie Policy describes what a cookie is, how you can manage them, and what kind of cookies we may use to make for a better experience when visiting Hytron’s web site.


    Cookies are small data files of text which are stored on virtually every web site you visit and are stored by your web browser on the computer, phone, tablet or other device that you use. Cookies can help a web site remember your preferences, help us learn which areas of our web site are useful and which areas need improvement. Sometimes they may provide you with targeted advertisements or personalized content. Cookies are enabled when bits of code (web beacons, clear gifs and tags) are placed on a web site to enable them to read and place cookies. A first-party cookie is one you may receive directly from us when you visit our site, whereas a third-party cookie is one that you have received from another party, such as Facebook or Google. We do not control what third parties do on other sites. We do work with certain third-party providers such as Facebook or Google to permit their cookies to function through our Site so we can learn more about your web experience and better personalize our services for you.

    Persistent/Tracking Cookies

    This type of cookie may be stored by the web browser on your device. The expiration of a persistent cookie is determined by the creator of the cookie and  will remain there and transmit data to their server each time the user visits the web site until they remove it. Advertisements are typically used for this purpose.

    Session cookies

    This type of cookie is created on your device when you visit a web site. It stores information you enter and tracks your activity. The cookie is deleted after you leave the web site or close your browser. An example of a session cookie is the shopping cart on an e-commerce site which stores items until you go to the checkout page. 


    Most modern web browsers let you choose to accept cookies and/or delete those currently set. The management choices available will vary from browser to browser and the settings for them can usually be found  in the “preferences“, tools”, or “options” menu. You can also consult the browser’s “help” menu for instructions on managing them. In addition you can find online tools for clearing the cookies left behind by the web sites you have visited. 


    The Site may use Strictly Necessary Cookies, Performance Cookies, Functional Cookies, Targeting Cookies and Social Media Cookies. Any of these may be first-party cookies or third-party cookies, persistent or session. Please reference Section 2 of this Cookie Policy for information on how to manage these cookies through your browser.

    4a. Essential Cookies:  These are cookies that enable our site to work correctly and help provide services you specifically request. If you set your browser to block these cookies, some parts of our site will not work. 

    Essential cookies do not store any Personal Information.

    4b. Navigation Cookies: These cookies count visits and traffic sources to improve Site performance. They identify which pages are the most/least popular and see how visitors move around the our site. 

    Navigation Cookies do not store any Personal Information.

    4c. Functional cookies: These cookies allow out Site to remember choices you may make and may provide enhanced functionality and personalized features. Depending on context, Functional Cookies may store certain types of Personal Information as needed to provide functionality.

    4d. Social Media Cookies:  Social Media Cookies make social sharing easier for you and provide tools to connect with the Site which helps us better understand the audience for the Site. These third-party cookies are determined by the social media platforms on which you have accounts.


    We may change our Cookie Policy at any time. At the top of this page under “LAST UPDATED” you will find the latest revision date of our Cookie Policy. Any changes to this policy will become effective when the revised Cookie Policy is posted on our web site.


    If you have any further questions, please go to our “About Us” contact page and e-mail us with your question or comments.